Why buy OAW Water Pump?

  • Each water pump is 100% brand new. We do not
    rebuilt water pump. So no component is reuse
    and quality is consistent from unit to unit.

  • We develop the water pump from OE original
    parts. This ensures that each pump has the same
    form, fit and function as the original part that
    come off vehicle.

  • We use only premium components from
    reputable suppliers to ensure consistent and
    lasting performance.

  • Each pump undergoes multiple inspections to
    ensure that each has correct fit and accessories
    for easy drop in installation.

  • OAW water pump comes ready in color retail box
    with interchange to Airtex and GMB printed on the
    label for quick and easy reference.

  • We supply over 400+ different part numbers and
    we stock around 300 of today's most popular part
    numbers, covering 95% of top market moving

  • OAW has extensive inventory on each stocking
    item at Los Angeles warehouse. This allows us to
    service North American customers both large
    wholesale account and small jobber account with
    quick turnaround time. In turn, it allows customer
    to carry smaller inventory
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